by David Wilcock

from DivineCosmos Website


  1. The Deeper "Secret", Part I
    Tuesday 3/27/07
    [Updated 3/28, 29]
    The preachers of the "Law of Attraction" are missing key elements. My own recent experiences, and those of my family, help close the conceptual gap, and reveal the deeper keys to awakening…


  2. The Deeper "Secret", Part II
    Thursday 3/29/07
    [Updated 4/2/07]
    In Part One we talked about the archetype known as "The Lovers" or "The Choice Between Two Paths". We showed how the film "The Secret" is presenting a message that inadvertently aligns with the negative, or left-handed path… by inspiring you to approach your Higher Self as if it were a prostitute.

  3. The Deeper "Secret", Part III
    Monday 4/2/07
    Over 40 years ago, a modern-day mystery-school text — still not publicly released — wrote a more enlightened view of "The Secret", as it is now called. An excellent viewpoint of the spiritual significance of money…


  4. The Deeper "Secret", Part IV
    Tuesday 4 / 3 / 07
    [Updated 4/4/07]
    Now comes the scientific proof that "just the thought of cash can lead to selfish acts"… thus making it extremely clear that devotees of "The Secret" may be straying from a spiritual path if they focus on the money.