by Richard C. Hoagland and Michael Bara

from EnterpriseMission Website


  1. Abstract

  2. Introduction

  3. An Alternative Model of Solar System Evolution

  4. Extension of the EPH

  5. The relevance of water

  6. Mars as a Tidal Locked Moon of a Companion Body

  7. Original capture model and consequences

  8. Long Term Stasis

  9. Stain Distribution

  10. The Destruction of Planet V

  11. Signatures of a Catastrophe

  12. Chemical Signatures of a Collision Event

  13. Magnetic Confirmation of Catastrophe?

  14. Another Moon?

  15. Effects Beyond Mars

  16. A New Mars Timeline

  17. Implications for Martian Life

  18. Predictions

  19. Conclusions

  20. Acknowledgements

  21. References