by Lloyd Pye
December 17, 2003
Christmas and New Year's greetings to all, wishing you and yours the very best!



2003 has, without question, been the best year yet for the Starchild Project. After four years of struggle, we finally received the necessary help from England and private contributions to get the skull's DNA tested by a topnotch ancient DNA laboratory. There were some ups and downs in that process, but ultimately we learned that we are on a solid track to prove beyond doubt that this amazing relic does indeed come from a once-living being who was not entirely human.

Boiled down tightly, the year's highlights were these:

(1) To test the DNA of normal human bone, it is put in a chemical bath that reduces it to its constituent elements in a few days. Nine months later a small part of the Starchild bone has not and will not dissolve in that chemical bath. This is, obviously, indicative of something highly unusual about at least that part of it.

(2) When the bone was treated like stone rather than bone, it was analyzed and its mitochondrial DNA was recovered. This is the DNA that resides outside the nucleus and passes down from females exclusively. The Starchild's mtDNA was that of a typical Amerindian female, which fits well with our theory that the Starchild was one of the legendary "Starchildren" created by impregnating native women with the seed of Star Beings, however that improbable seeding might have been arranged (naturally or by external, in vitro means).

(3) The critical test was for nuclear DNA, which analyzes the chromosomes and tells about both parents. If the Starchild did indeed have an "alien" father, this is where it would show up. However, the geneticists found that the primers they currently have to use are not yet sophisticated enough to "grab" the Starchild's nuclear DNA for replication and sequencing. They are confident that in another year or two the primers will be sufficiently advanced to do this task, at which time we should find out for sure exactly what the Starchild is or isn't.

(4) While we wait for the advanced primers to come online, other compelling tests are available for analyzing the bone and its chemistry. We should definitely try to determine why it won't dissolve in chemicals that quickly and thoroughly reduce normal human bone, and why it seems to be much harder than normal even though it is half as thick and weighs only half as much. Obviously, something is very aberrant in such bone.

(5) If the bone chemistry should come back highly anomalous, or even moderately anomalous, it would make the wait for the primers a heck of a lot easier for everyone who follows this case closely. Also, it would focus the kind of attention on the Project that we've been unable to secure up to this point. It NEEDS to be done!

Given the above five points, where are we now? Basically, at a crossroads. We can (1) continue the struggle and move forward with the testing of the bone chemistry; or (2) do what we're doing now, waiting for the time to pass until the DNA primers become developed enough to do what needs to be done with the nuclear DNA.

This is exactly where we were, in fact, in September, at the time of the last update, when I made the same plea for continued support to get the bone chemistry analyzed. However, at that time I was still weighing options and had not settled on a definite plan of action, so I was unable to be specific in outlining what I wanted to do and what I required to do it. Now I'm clear on what seems the best course of action for us and what needs to be done to accomplish our goals. It goes as follows:

I need to go to Japan to get the bone chemistry analyzed. Recently I asked Marie Ueda, whom many of you know from her regular attendance at UFO conferences, to take some time during a recent visit to Japan to determine the situation over there regarding interest in the Starchild. She tells me there is indeed interest in it among the Japanese UFO community, and that I should go and make personal contact with them. If I do that, she assures me, I would be able to make my way around the country with their guidance and support, thereby greatly reducing the language difficulties I always assumed would prove fatal if "English-Only" Lloyd went. With her advice in mind, I am now prepared to go and do it myself rather than foist it off on someone else.

To the best of my knowledge, the top lab in the world for what we need done is the Kureha Special Laboratory in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture. That's about 200 kilometers northeast of Tokyo. What I need to determine is whether or not we can trust the results of any analysis we get from them. This was no different during the long struggle to find the proper DNA lab. Just because a lab exists, that doesn't mean we can trust any result they give us. If one person working on the analysis has a private agenda that is strongly antithetical to what we're trying to accomplish, we're toast. Such tests are too easy to sabotage. We might as well not even try it.

If you, the regular readers of these updates, collectively decide to support this effort, I will go to Japan to secure the backing of leaders of the Japanese UFO community. Then I will go to the Kureha Lab and meet with the people in charge. I will explain our special needs regarding the Starchild and determine if they can give us the level of wholehearted support we know is required. If we can all get on the same page, we will strike a deal and they will tell me how much bone (and money!) they need to do the tests we require. I will then return to the States, go to where the skull is being kept under close watch, supervise the removal of the proper amount of bone, get that bone safely and securely to the lab, and the tests will be completed.

If you care to inform yourself about the Kureha Special Lab to see what they're about and what services they offer, go to If you don't want to go to that much trouble, here it is in a nutshell:

(1) preparation of bone and tissue samples

(2) measurement of bone mineral composition

(3) measurement of bone density

(4) measurement of bone strength [very important to us!]

(5) bone morphological analysis

(6) bone histomorphometrical analysis

These tests won't be quite as definitive as the nuclear DNA test we have to wait for, but collectively they could produce results that would put the Starchild on the world map as THE relic with the strongest chance of proving itself to be of other than Earthly origin. In my opinion, that makes the trip to and through Japan more than worth the difficulty and cost. But it's up to you.

Another hot iron in the Starchild fire is a major article I've written for a new magazine called "Phenomena" --(view the cover at -- which will be on newsstands in the U.S. (all Barnes & Nobles) and Britain (Watkins Books and WH Smiths) in mid-January. In that article I sum up where things stand now after five years of laboring to get the Starchild recognized by mainstream science, and to get it analyzed such that no one can successfully argue with the results, whatever those results might be. If anyone reading this wants or needs to see the article before making a contribution to the Project, please contact me and I'll send you its text via email. Otherwise, be on the lookout for it in January -- "Phenomena." It's a good article in a good magazine, as is my other favorite, "Nexus", also topnotch. (For those with any interest, the "Nexus" website provides access to my three major articles on the Intervention Theory of origins, of both life and humans.)

On another front, let me mention the excellent series of UFO documentaries the Sci-Fi channel has completed to analyze the famous UFO sightings/landings at Roswell, Kecksburg, and most recently, Rendelsham Forest. All three have been hosted by Bryant Gumbel, a New Orleanian from way back. If anyone reading this knows how to get in touch with Bryant or with any of the producers of the Sci-Fi show, please let them know about the Starchild Project and direct them to the website, Who knows? Maybe they'll decide to do a show about the skull. I realize Hollywood's wheels grind with glacial slowness, but they have to start grinding somewhere. Any help any of you can give us in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

This is the time of year when certain fortunate people find they have a need to donate money to any of various tax-exempt causes or funds in order to drop themselves into a lower tax bracket. If you or anyone you know with an interest in what we're doing is in that position, please be aware that a significant contribution to the Starchild Fund can easily be routed through the tax-exempt portion of the Truthseeker Foundation in San Diego. The Truthseekers have been extremely generous and helpful with our efforts to get this challenging work completed, and they will provide all the documentation necessary to qualify a donation as tax-exempt.

Testing of the bone chemistry is a group decision you all will have to make, but make individually. The famous British scientist Rupert Sheldrake believes in something he calls a "morphic field," in which living things far removed from each other somehow tap into a kind of omnipresent "feeling" that guides many of their actions. Monkeys on one island learn how to wash certain types of food before eating it, and soon monkeys on a distant island with no possible means of contact begin to wash the same food, too. THAT is the result of a morphic field at work. I hope and assume the same will apply in our situation.

When I announced in a previous update that the nuclear DNA analysis wouldn't happen for another year or two, contributions to the Starchild Fund dried up virtually overnight. The morphic field spoke and I listened. I went back to work doing my own research in preparation for writing my next book, which--by the way--I intend to have completed in 2004. Now I'm asking that morphic field to speak again.

My best guesstimate is that I'll have to spend anywhere from one week to two weeks in Japan doing what needs to be done. Given the high prices of everything in Japan relative to the US or Britain, two weeks there could go as high as $5,000 counting the flight to and from New Orleans. Strictly a ballpark figure. And that's not counting the testing costs, which I won't know until we determine what we need versus what we want. This is nowhere near as serious as the money needed to do the DNA testing, but it nonetheless has to manifest from somewhere, somehow, at a time of year that is the worst possible season to ask for such donations.

It's your call, folks. I don't know how else to say it. In the past I've been criticized for being too low-key and matter-of-fact in these updates by not stressing the importance of the things I describe. Okay, let me try to fix that. THIS IS SOMETHING WE NEED TO DO! IT'S IMPORTANT! IT COULD HAVE A HUGE IMPACT ON HOW THE WORLD'S MEDIA VIEWS WHAT WE'RE TRYING TO DO!!! I hope that's clear enough.

I stand ready to go and do the work if you want me to. However, if collectively you all decide not to support this effort, if the morphic field stays silent, I'll remain stateside and wait along with the rest of you until another year or two grinds past. On the other hand, if the response is positive and strong, I'll go to Japan in the latter half of February. That should give me enough time to do all the advance planning such a complicated trip requires.

As always, if you decide to contribute you can use PayPal if you have access to it, or make checks (in dollars, please, if overseas) to The Starchild Fund and send them to:

Lloyd Pye
The Starchild Fund
6805 Veterans Blvd.
# L-3
Metairie, LA 70003

However it goes, I want to thank you all for being such staunch supporters of this fascinating effort to solve what I honestly feel is the most important scientific mystery in the world today. You are among the few who know enough about it to even quibble with my opinion, but I'm sure we can all agree this enigma NEEDS to be, and MUST be, investigated as thoroughly as possible until it is resolved, finally, once and for all.
Thanks for listening, and have a GREAT New Year!!!!