A New Age Critique

The etymology of the word 'dragon' comes to us via the Latin but is derived ultimately, it is thought, from the Greek, though the origin of the word and its definition is probably much older. The word in Greek is drakon (drakon); as in edrakon (edrakon), an aorist of derkesthai (derkesthai), which means 'to see clearly'.

A dragon was one who saw clearly, and clarity of vision engendered and was always classically associated with wisdom, which itself produced power. Today we say that knowledge is power, so nothing has changed in that respect, except that it is actually wisdom - the ability to predict or intuit and synthesize knowledge - a prerequisite of druidic or fairy neuro-physiology, that actually affords the greatest power of all.

In a progression of logic that naturally suggests itself, we are therefore entering in upon the linguistic territory of the seer, the witch and the magus, with whom the foregoing qualities have always been closely identified, a state of affairs with which etymologists concur.

From there, in the Gaelic realms, we encounter the 'Merlins', a name which, like 'Dragon', literally means 'seer', and who furthermore, were of a class of druid priests or 'philosophus' or 'magi', as they were also known in classical times. Anciently the foregoing regional epithets were all attributed to one royal, priestly tribe originally known in Indo-European as the Arya: The 'race of the wise ones', a caste who were described in Latin as the 'nobilis', a name which originated from the Greek root gno (gno) meaning 'to know'.

Similarly the word king is derived from the related Gothic word kuningzam, meaning both "knowing one" and "scion of the noble, (meaning wise), race". In addition we have the associated word siddhis, meaning 'the powers' and from this word or vice versa, was derived the tribal name 'the Scythians' the 'Arya-Sidhe' or 'Sidheans'. The 'siddhis' were a range of psychic or paranormal phenomena which manifested themselves as the attributes of those Tantric priests in Eurasia who had attained 'samadhi' or 'enlightenment'.

These people, coterminously the Aryans or Scythians, who are thought to have developed Tantra in Sumeria, were known as the legendary Tuadha d'Anu (tribe of Anu and by a traditional, widely known derivation - "people of the stars") or daouine sidhe (meaning people of the powers) in the Gaelic countries. They were the 'wise ones', the elves or fairies; and from this we can conclude that by correct definition, a Dragon was originally, (by blood descent from the race of the wise), an overlord, an archdruid or bruidhina, magus and a seer, an elven goddess-queen or god-king.

Such are not to be confused with the warrior kings or tinker dynasties installed by the Roman Church over the last 1500 years, nor with any modern royal family. The druidhe were kings above kings.

The dragon or fairy gene was very rare and true archdruidic, royal dragon families were rarer still. Persecutions excepted, if this were not the case anyway, then perhaps many fairy stories of the popular genre which originated from outside the dragon culture would never have taken hold, because the reality would have been constantly staring people in the face.

Traditionally and consistently, the symbol of both wisdom (Sophia) and healing was the serpent or, as it was also known, the dragon. In keeping with this the kings and queens of pre-catholic history were noted for their healing capabilities and as such, in Judaic mythology, were called, perhaps after the archangel Raphael, the Repha'im or Rapha'Elohim; the healing gods of the Anunnaki. Raphael was the Prince who appeared to Adam in Eden according to Milton.

No mention of this is made in Genesis and one suspects that of the two entities that did appear to Adam, Enlil and Enki, or if you like: God and the Catholic Satan. Raphael - the Angel of the Rising Sun - must have been Enki who gave Kingship to man in the form of the Elven Overlords and after whom, by various related epithets; including 'The Repha'im', the Elven Kings are known.

Authorities believe that these people were identical to both the Nephilim and the Anakim of Idumea and Canaan. In early heraldry, derived from ancient sources, the dragon was depicted as a serpent with the wings of a swan. This image was also given the wings of a bat.

The dragon nevertheless was humanoid and so the symbolism in the dragon glyph ought rather be interpreted to substantiate the etymology of the word itself. The serpent stands for the wisdom and healing powers of the sacred king or queen whose regalia often consisted of serpent-like scale armour and whose consciousness soars above that of humanity as if carried on wings, which were symbolized by shamanic swan's feather cloaks.

The nocturnal habits of the dragon people, typically those of the Cimmerian Scythians, were noted by their contemporaries and the swan's wings of the dragon glyph attributed to them were either interchangeable with, or substituted by, those of the bat to signify this.

One of their earlier names - Anunnaki - means "heaven meets earth". Lots of fanciful notions have been put forward to suggest that the Anunnaki were from outer space, but a far simpler way of understanding the name is to ask a simple question: "when do the heavens - the An or Stars - meet the Earth?". The answer is of course - "at night time".

When considering the nature of the elves or the Anunnaki, rather than believing they came from a different planet, it might be worth considering that they occupied a different dimension. If this sounds equally as fanciful and implausible, consider this. A multitude of different animal species on this planet can be seen and touched.

However, because of their physiology and chemical make-up were different and these differences in synaptic connections and hormone levels altered their perceptions of their universe, these species actually lived in another dimension and at a higher frequency, where time and the environment for them were totally different to the way humans perceived them. The level to which the fairies experienced life was far deeper than the level to which humans experienced it.

In real terms the fairies inhabited an entirely alien world but occupied the same planet. In this sense they were from a different dimension, characterized and regulated by their body chemistry which enabled them to see more in the environment than humans could. In this they were no more remarkable than any other non-human species we are able to study today.

Flies, Sharks, Dolphins and a host of other lifeforms have attributes and abilities humans do not possess and the way in which they interact with the planet is completely alien to the way in which humans do. For a fly time is completely different and for a Shark, any warm blooded creature glows with a blue, electro-chemical haze or aura, proving to some extent, the veracity of the theory of Kirlian photography.

The Fairies were dragons and this means that they 'saw clearly', they saw subtler emanations than man could. In order to be able to do this the fairy would have to have their senses tuned into a higher frequency than man, meaning that the fairies, perforce, were tuned to a higher frequency of perception and activity generally.

In cybernetic terms, any system that is faster and consequently higher than a given base is called a nautonnier or navigator and in cybernetics these systems are set over and in control of the slower functional operations within any given mechanical or organic arrangement.

If we transpose this theory onto human society we get leaders and followers, where the leaders are supposed to be able to function at a faster rate than the followers and thereby anticipate any given direction the system might go in and plan sensible strategies that the system might adopt for its well-being.

Today this is a joke and incompetent, self-seeking, middle class idiots more often find themselves voted into control of vast social systems which, once upon a time, no-one would trust to anyone but the Elves.

In the past therefore, because the Fairies were, for millennia, physiologically bred and exhaustively trained to operate at a higher level than men, humans often invited them to become social navigators or nautonniers. The Sumerian word for a navigator is a GALL, which sounds a bit like a Gael, doesn't it? The language of the western Royal Scythians was Gaelic and the Royal Scythians were the fairies, the Elves: The Dragons.

The dragon's fiery breath symbolized the pneuma, the spirit of the divine, which coalesced into the Torah or cosmic law that the Dragon queens and kings delivered as their pronouncements in the affairs of man. Thus the image of the dragon of myth and legend is complete, as a set of symbolic attributes belonging to an ancient magical race of praeter-natural beings, the vampyr overlords or fairy overkings.

Though humanoid, Dragons were not Homo Sapiens but from the far older elven race sometimes called in literature - the Elda or Eldar, probably suggested or derived from the name of an ancient queen and her ancient, former habitation in Mesopotamia and possibly intended, in its attribution as a simile for Elder perhaps, to imply some form of racial primogeniture.

Reflected upon within the context of early Sumerian historical records, such a synonym would indeed seem to be apposite, inasmuch as this ancient and mysterious people claimed that the Dragons, with Queen Hawah Elda's assistance, made mankind.

Homo Sapiens?
From the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) we learn that the prefix homo (from whence comes 'man'), is derived from the same root as the prefix in homo-genous, and it means 'common', 'the same' or 'the same as', 'average', 'mediocre'.

The word sapiens is itself derived from the Latin word 'sapienta' meaning understanding - but it was a word which was used in a solely pejorative and derogatory context - from as far back as the Middle English period - explicitly in the sense of artful, deceitful, contrived or would-be wisdom; meaning sophistry or low cunning and hypocrisy. From sapienta we derive the slang derogative Sap which has been used throughout the English-speaking world to taunt idiots and fools.

Hereto, in contemporary currency the phrase homo sapiens therefore, simply defines a common, undistinguished hominid species, the members of which ( rather like sheep), within a limited field of conscious responses and conditioned reflexes, all act in the same manner and think the same self-deluding thoughts, whilst relating to each other through a veil of deception.

Taken in relation to what man has done to the planet and to his fellow creatures, the author doesn't think that this is an unwarranted or unsubstantiable attack, but a justifiable observation. Man aptly named himself: homo = mediocre + sapiens = cunning.

As such, applying the correct, literal definition within the Oxford English Dictionary, the entire membership of that species are all as mediocre and erroneous in their behavior, perceptions and understanding as each other. Because, continuing with this accepted definition: "homo sapiens", it says, "is the genus of which man is the only species".

Therefore man is defined currently by the Oxford English Dictionary, the recognized authority on, and arbiter of the English language, as being uniquely, thoroughly stupid and dim witted, and his species description has incorporated within it a clear indication that this condition is genetically inherited. Nurture seems unable to ameliorate what nature has here ordained.

Here the idealist might argue that a eugenic solution, mediated through genetic engineering could produce a more passive, thoughtful population by weeding out the stupid gene and replacing it with something that would make us all less wasteful, aggressive and acquisitive.

Take a look around you, who runs the planet? That's right - the multi-national corporations, and what is their raison d'etre? To force people to produce rubbish for the same people to buy. Where does the funding come from for scientific research grants? From the multi-national corporations or via governments who are subservient to, because they are paid for by, those same corporations. Would either support any form of research that would make people refuse to fight their wars for them or consume less of their pointless crap? No.

In any case, at present, genetic engineering for the most part is becoming yet another manifestation of human megalomania within a cosmos or world socio-economic system that owes its very existence to the continued cultivation and promotion by the corporate elites, of mass psychosis on an international scale.

This, as they are wont to say, is a sad indictment upon the entire human race, but nevertheless the evidence speaks for itself and after several millennia of wars and destruction, culminating in the present series of precipitative social and ecological disasters, it doesn't seem that homo sapiens will ever be anything other than what they are and that furthermore, this is a profitable, and therefore a protected and encouraged, irremediable and irreversible, genetic condition.

In contrast the Dragons or Draco Sentiens, according to the most ancient definitions, were, once upon a time, long long ago, genetically "clear sighted" members of the elder race, the "race of the wise".

It therefore follows in conclusion that, because of the neurophysiological, and consequently the cognitive, cogitative and psychological differences between the two, neither were of the same species as the other and the ancient Sumerian texts would uphold this view without question.

Grail Code - What Grail Code? A personal view
People enter relationships that serve their own interests or the interests of the 'extended self' which, beyond the immediate level of everyday materialism, they externalize as pecuniary acquisitiveness, as political ambition or an abstracted spiritual ideal, as manifestations of or tools to service that same materialistic greed, but operating on a sublimated level of personal and social deceit. In the end therefore, all human endeavor is self centered, and all is 'egotism'.

Beyond this there may be something of greater merit dwelling in the depths of the silence beyond their own chattering minds and feeble aspirations, but because such dwells in stillness and silence it cannot be either comprehended with, or eulogized about, by an unquiet mind and it therefore transcends the limits of petty human understanding.

However 'bigger' any greater, non-personalized aim might be, it is still serving itself and its own interests through the drives it instills in them. The universe eats the universe as a manifestation of a larger cosmic egotism which cares nothing for the 'rights' of Man.

A greater merit then may be the compassion life has for itself but even so, ultimately this does not necessarily serve the interests of Man, who is merely one species amongst many, one component of consciousness with which life perceives itself through those interactive experiences that cause each other, but which are no respecters of persons or of any individually or collectively projected egotism which we might define as a divine, consciously moral incentive.

This, in actuality and on mans' part, is merely a desire that the universe be nice to them and fulfill all their greedy ambitions and assuage all their fears for their well-being and continuity. The Universe has no contract with humanity and therefore no contract men have with each other has any valid basis in reality either.

In times past they would speak of the 'Covenant with God', now certain individuals pontificate vacuously about 'The Grail Code'. Both - then and now - can only be seen as fraudulent contracts which no party can uphold because neither party can fulfill the obligations or restrict themselves to the limits implied within them, because abiding, externalized, imposed contracts are not a part of natural law.

Individuals put up with eachother's peccadilloes if they have something to contribute to each other which is valued. Their degree of longsuffering is directly proportional to the value they place on the ethos or image they each project, or on each other's input or their potential or actual services.

In the particular instance being referred to in this essay the 'Grail Code' of service to others is prominent in its absence because the relationships people have are driven by a financial imperative, making the statements of collective high idealism just that, a hollow mockery of something that died out long ago. The Grail Code today is just another clichéd phrase, a tatty piece of New Age verbosity aimed at selling contrived, pseudo-intellectual, academically amateur jingoism to frightened, greedy idiots.

Religious coercion is now replaced by these kinds of jargonistic phrases, which are geared towards promoting limp, new age philosophies that, like religion, are engineered to appeal to or coerce (for selfish motives) a higher sense in man that simply doesn't exist. For the Grail Code to work as it was envisaged or understood, everyone subscribing to it now would have to think with one mind and not consider individual gain before the welfare of the group. This is simply not happening nor will it.

Such a level of co-operation could only be achieved in the ability of all the subscribers to the 'code' being able to communicate at the same level of understanding and with the same degree of experiential intensity and the same semeiological and semantic inflection at the same time. Service to others without thought of self requires others to serve you with equal dedication and devotion if you and the group - collectively - are to survive.

The Grail Code in the distant past was not a contract nor an ideal. It was the manifestation of a type of behavior which was subsequent to a particular form of consciousness.

Hierogamy or enthea between the Dragon Prince and the Swan Maiden resulted in the creation of an extended mind, the development of an interaction where the bounds of individual consciousness were broken and two people joined together with an intensity that created a being greater than the sum of its parts. In alchemy this was called the breath of Ravens from which resulted the birth of the red-gold Phoenix, conceived in the death of Dragons and born in the ascent of the white star. The way these two individuals treated each other was called True or Courtly Love.

If this phenomena happened on a wider scale within the genome, then it, along with other universal phenomena, was a part of the Web of Wyrd and its child was True Love manifest collectively, which was called the Grail Code. Jesus called it "the Law of God written on the hearts of men in tongues of fire". Genetic righteousness.

The Grail Code was the behavioral manifestation of an attuned group of empathic individuals working towards the common good of that group. This required a 'Hive Mind' - a collective consciousness - or at least a heightened capacity towards sensitivity and the anticipation of the needs of all within the genome, that transcended common consciousness, being therefore a manifestation of the outworking of the Siddhis within the web of interrelated and interconnected points of consciousness that are manifest throughout all levels of life.

The Grail Code therefore, was a set of behavioral patterns that arose from within as a response to a particular endocrinologically mediated, psychological condition that has detachment as its hallmark. It was not imposed from without by people with vested interests who were attempting to manipulate circumstance by manipulating other peoples appetites or consciences for their own ends or for the ends of any other disassociated group of individuals' co-operative self interests.

Without the 'Hive Mind' (symbolized in the Dragon Dynasty by the Merovingian Bee, the Phoenician 'House of the Gods' and the hexagonal figure of the Tree of Life of the Kabala) the Grail Code is a meaningless set of unattainable social aspirations which can only serve nowadays to fill the gaping chasm left by people's apathy towards more traditional forms of judicial, spiritual or moral flannel.

In the hands of New Age style authors and their wannabee audiences the Grail Code becomes just another form of legalism. Without the brain physiology required to understand its implications, those who cannot share in the collective consciousness of the group (whose very being was founded on co-operation and whose mental condition created the Grail Code as a naturally occurring phenomenon) make a mockery of all the Code stands for.

To these - the people left outside the group who don't have the wiring or chemistry to participate and understand the collective mind - the Grail Code is just another mishmash of rules which, however prettily and romantically packaged, will inevitably be broken and which therefore are no better or worse than any other meaningless set of regulations.

The universe has features which are prime constants, the behavior of materials is one example, which we call the 'laws of physics'. These we can term truths, because they don't vary under a given range of circumstances, even down at the sub atomic level, the weirdness is still a constant, inasmuch as it is constantly weird. Without these prime constants the universe would cease to exist.

The Grail Code, as a worthy set of regulations or aspirations for the governance of people's behavior in relationship to each other is, quite frankly, an idealistic load of nonsense. It isn't that the Grail Code is a fantasy or a lie, it is simply a fact that it was and still is misapplied to the wrong people.

Relatively and contextually speaking the Grail Code is not a truth, because it is not a constant, and it cannot be applied to regulate human behavior in human societies and we know this because it caused, in part, the manifestation of a set of social conditions which were required in order to allow to occur the 1000 year genocide which is referred to in the Family as the Elven Holocaust, which resulted ultimately in the abandonment of the Grail Code itself.

What was the big mistake the Family made? They did unto others as they would have done unto themselves. In other words they used the transcendently inspired Grail Code they anciently applied to their own mystical race to order societies that were founded not upon transcendent perception, but upon animal instincts, where irredeemably materialistic individuals co-operated merely for personal gain and in constantly shifting temporary alliances that had no notion of a collective mind or group cohesion at the profound level which would have been needed to make the Grail Code manifest outside the genome and prove successful.

The Grail Code was applicable only to the Grail Blood. Elsewhere the only thing that worked was the law of the jungle and terrorism. The Family were seen as a soft touch because their empathy was extended to peoples who had no empathy themselves, only the desire to satisfy their own greed and assuage their own fears.

These peoples' selfish, individualistic motivations stood in direct opposition to the Grail Code of 'royal communism' and community service. Desire is a great motivator in any society and the Elves' desires were motivated by their transcendent consciousness, which could only operate in an environment of truth and empathy.

The more one sees the less one desires for oneself and the less attached one becomes. If one desires truth and sees only truth and gives instinctively for the common good because one can feel the common need, one becomes the target for opportunists and deceivers.

Faced with the violence and hostility of a group of myopic animals hell bent on their pursuing their own own interests and unable to see the bigger picture, the Elves had no chance of survival anyway, whatever the other circumstances might have been.

This alone was enough to destroy them. In a sense then, the Grail Code was a death sentence to the Dragon Families. This, perhaps, is how the Mayors of the Palace took over, through exploiting what they perceived as the innate trust, complacency and weakness of the Merovingian kings.

One can appear dark or harsh in one's attitudes towards human beings and human behavior and one may make people wonder how one could possibly spout about the Grail on one hand and despise humans so much on the other. After all, isn't the Grail Code all to do with being nice to each other? Isn't it about being fair to one's fellow man? Doesn't it fit in with the overall ethos of the New Age? The answer to all these rhetorical questions is an absolute No. It isn't and it doesn't.

The Grail Code is the perfect example of an ill-advisedly applied series of innate laws arising from the profound depths of the genetic constitution of one species, applied to and completely misunderstood and abused by another, to the detriment of their originators and ultimately to the detriment of the abusers themselves, who thought to gain by killing their nautonniers, not realizing that they, the usurpers, were too thick to organize society themselves. In this statement wrong?

Look around you and judge for yourself. After a thousand years of tyrannical misrule, European society is finally beginning to throw off the shackles of merchant class stupidity and disintegrate. Unfortunately this new found dissent and 'freedom' has no direction either and the path society is treading will inevitably become littered with the corpses of the fallen.

People aren't naturally 'nice' to each other, they are simply conditioned to fear the consequences of not appearing to be nice to each other. Even so, this barrier is now breaking down and at the grassroots level society is becoming more violent as individuals embrace 'Aquarian Individualism' (aka selfish opportunism) and disregard their conditioning.

There is a stark difference between the two concepts and conditions of natural empathy and social fear. One comes from within, the other is applied from without. If people were naturally co-operative and naturally empathic, the Grail Code would be a universal behavioral constant in an ordered world of ecological sensitivity and social harmony. This, plainly and manifestly is not, and never has been the case, certainly not since the Church came to power. The Grail Code arises naturally from, and is pertinent solely to, the Grail Blood.

The Grail Code is the behavioral benchmark by which those of the Grail or Dragon Blood might be recognized, but it is not the code that efficiently orders the behavior of the Dragon Families in their dealings with those not of the Grail Blood.

In 'Genesis of the Grail Kings' Gardner commented on the love that the Anunnaki had for social order, which was echoed in Transylvania where vampires were said to have a reputation for pathological meticulousness and where nearby, Dracula ran his kingdom with the precision of a well oiled machine.

In the earlier days of the Anunnaki it is quite feasible to think that the collective empathic consciousness was particularly strong and we might see here the foundation of the Grail Code within the family of the Gods. Nevertheless, later there were still incidents of internecine strife.

However, where outsiders were concerned the Grail Code was only applied inasmuch as it related to maintaining order for the benefit of the Overlords. Was there any question of the Gods being 'Nice' to man or applying the Grail Code solely for man's benefit? There was a difference between the Grail Code for the Grail Blood and the Grail Code as it applied to man. One has to say that Enlil was right.

As the Blood devolved the capacity to apply empathy and co-operation appropriately weakened and this resulted formerly in family wars, and latterly in the kind of mental weakness, confusion and cultural misapplication which ended in the genocide of the race by Catholic opportunists.

These are pertinent lessons that the Bloodline would do well to learn if it is to rebuild itself again. It doesn't necessarily mean, because the Bloodline is at the end of the seventh millennium of its recorded history, that it is too late to turn back the clock. However, if the Dragon is to survive at all, it must learn the lessons of history, redefine its identity and strive to enrich its Blood once more. If it doesn't, it will die completely and the world will die with it.

An old saying from British folklore asserts that if the land loses its Elves, the land dies. In two thousand years the face of the countryside in Britain and Ireland in particular has changed completely and there is now nowhere that man hasn't manipulated, exploited or raped. Compared to what it was, the land is indeed dead. Its spirit has almost gone.

The spirit of the land, its innate magic and mystery, has died because the Elves have all but died as well. The land consequently has no real voice anymore, no champions and no orators. Without the Dragon Queens and the Elven Overlords to interpret the will of the Earth (and without Brehon Law to protect it from fools) man himself fails to hear the deeper message the land gives him.

The ancient forests of giant Oak and Beech are no more and the sacred places have been either built on in acts of blasphemy by greedy religion or torn up by the mindless merchant-class ancestors of today's mindless, middle-class consumer population.

In the theory of critical mass, sometimes called the "99th Monkey Effect" - based on Jung's theory of Collective Consciousness working through Rupert Sheldrake's 'Field of Morphic Resonance' - the collective mind of a race creates a spiritual and cultural Archetype whose field of resonance can be felt in the material world. In the case of the Elves that Archetype was manifest in the Age of Magic. Simply put, when the Elves lived they created a field of magic around them whose power arose from the very sovereignty of the earth itself. However, when the Church killed the Elves, the Earth was silenced and the magic largely died.

Having assisted the Church to kill off the Elves man now stands alone against a being he uses with contempt for his own gain, but whose power against him is limitless and whose patience with him is not. The highest so-called authorities on Earth have finally realized what they have done and even they, the United Nations Organization, say that the clock is ticking and time is running out.

The spirit of True Romance and Magic is all but dead. It diminished when the Church enslaved the spirit of mankind to a material, hateful god. Through scientific means, however, the Sundered Tribes can be reborn, the dragon blood can be restored and enriched, and the Dragon Queens and Elven Lords can rise once more to restore to people a sense of wonder, a sense of hope and an Age of Magic.